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Lotus & Compass Yoga

We are so incredibly excited to launch the newest part of our business- Lotus & Compass Yoga.

Staying in line with our mission towards empowerment, this new offering at Lotus & Compass Inc will provide a much needed reprieve from the stressors that bog us all down from week to week...and a chance to connect with yourself at your deepest level.

We chose the tagline "I bend so I don't break" because it is truly symbolic of the deep power that a regular yoga practice can bring. Improved ability to manage stress and anxiety, an opportunity to find joyful movement in a way that works for your unique body, and most importantly- an opportunity to turn inward.

Our goal is to empower all of our students, whether the very new beginner or the advanced yogi, to seek out that little bit of solace in their week.

Allow us to hold space for you as you come into yourself, as you tune into your breath and both the physical and emotional bodies. Allow us to hold a space where you can share in the joy of moving your body without judgement.

Yoga is truly a practice for ALL BODIES, no matter what their unique make-up...

And it is our deepest hope that the benefits of your practice spill out into your daily life...for the best benefits of yoga are often experienced off of your mat.

We look forward to practicing with you!

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