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Our Story

Welcome to Lotus & Compass Inc! We hope you leave our site at least just a teeny bit happier than when you arrived!
The team behind the Lotus & Compass Inc. brand are Melaney and Brandon Houle. We have been in the business of selling women's clothing since 2016; Melaney's professional background is in social work, and Brandon brings almost 20 years of retail management experience. We are also the proud parents of two amazing kids: Hunter (age 6) and Haven (age 4). We founded Lotus & Compass Inc., our very own company, in 2018.
We believe that every woman deserves to feel her best every single day.
We believe that women are powerful and beautiful JUST AS THEY ARE. 
We believe in body positivity, and we carry a full range of sizes so that all of our customers can find something to make them smile. 
We believe that self-care is not a "want" but a "NEED", and that women should have accessible and affordable ways to treat themselves without guilt.
We believe in the importance of mental wellness, and work each day to create an environment of acceptance and kindness in our local and online community.
We believe in the power of COMMUNITY, and we are committed to doing our part to serve our community on both a local and global scale. We believe that all persons are deserving of love, kindness and respect. 
WE BELIEVE THAT KINDNESS is the most important gift that we can share. And we are committed to sprinkling it around like glitter any chance we get.
Take a browse around our website- we strive to source only the BEST in comfortable and affordable fashion. We carry a lot of fun and unique accessories and gift items, many of which we source locally from fellow small businesses.
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We look forward to serving you, learning about you and sharing a little bit of joy and positivity!!
Melaney, Brandon, 
Hunter & Haven