Yin Yoga Teacher Training: A Reflection

Yin Yoga Teacher Training: A Reflection

Last weekend, I completed my first yoga teacher certification: a 50hr certification in Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra. 

It was a very last minute decision to squeeze in this first teacher training, before starting my full 200hr program this fall. 

Truthfully- I went in without a very clear idea of what to expect. Sometimes just diving in is the best way to learn something new, right? I had a very basic idea of what Yin Yoga was, but had never taken a Yin specific class before. I feel that this gave me an opportunity to truly enter into this space of training with a “clean slate” and a fully open heart and mind. 

It was a dense 4 days of in-depth anatomy discussions, a very brief history of the origins of yoga, and learning quite a bit about previously elusive concepts to me, such as chakras, pranas and chi. 

When the time came on Saturday to begin practice teaching- my first attempt fell a little flat in my own mind. My classmates offered mostly positive feedback about my clarity and cueing, but I felt a bit disingenuous. I felt like my voice was someone else’s. My tone, my words- while they were correct in terms of proper form and cueing postures, sounded as if they came from someone else’s mouth. But hey- it was a first attempt, and first tries are typically reserved for making mistakes and reflecting on them. 

On Sunday, we got another shot at it. This time, I started the “class” with a moment of meditation. I decided to frame my “practice class” much like I do my own practice. I always start with a minute or two of grounding. A moment to focus on breath. A moment to quiet my mind and come into the present. We all sat cross legged and focused on the breath. It was as if a wave washed over me, and gave me the confidence to combine my newfound knowledge with my own personality a bit more. I felt like my voice already sounded more like “me”. 

At the end of a very dense (but short) weekend, I feel that I have dipped my pinky toe into this pool of teaching. I am excited to begin teaching. With each class, I know I will find my voice. I will continue to grow my own practice. I will continue to learn from the teaching styles of others, and gain insight into the kind of teacher I want to be. Every time I hit my mat, it’s another chance to learn and grow.

My first small step into this new journey is marked with joy, with inner peace and with excitement. I feel as if I have begun to settle my feet a bit on my path- a path that 6 months ago wasn’t even on my radar. I am so excited to begin to share this love of yoga with others- to help them on their own paths to inner peace and wellness. 

Stay tuned for opportunities to practice with me in Western Mass this summer! And thank you all for your love, support and encouragement in this new journey! 




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