Wanderlust 2021: Week 2

Wanderlust 2021: Week 2

Campgrounds: Timothy Lake North, East Stroudsburg, PA; Harbor View, Colonial Beach, VA. 

Our first longer stretch of driving from Bellingham, MA to the Poconos Mountains of PA was a great, smooth ride. The weather was gorgeous for driving and the scenery was quite impressive as well. I even worked through a fear of towing the camper, and got into the drivers seat for the very first time. This fear is well rooted in a traumatic event from my childhood. My stepfather’s parents were towing their camper in New Mexico, on their way back home to Texas when they were killed in a head on collision, along with 3 other people including a 3 year old boy. Ever since I was 15 I have struggled with a fear around long distance road trips. And towing the camper is an added layer of anxiety considering the resonance. 
It felt so damn good to work through this fear and take the wheel. I will leave no stone unturned in my path towards healing old wounds. 

We arrived at our destination in the Poconos just before dinner time. We got settled in and the next morning wasted no time in seeking out adventure! We visited Bushkill Falls, a beautiful nature preserve with 8 total waterfalls. It was absolutely breathtaking. 

The second of our two full days in the Poconos it rained the whole day through. We ended up discovering a small bit of mold from moisture in the camper (which explained why my asthma had been so bad the last few weeks). We went to Walmart and bought a dehumidifier and some vinegar to clean everything up. My asthma and the moisture in the camper have both improved dramatically with the dehumidifier use! 

On Wednesday morning we woke up bright and early to prepare for our almost 5 hour trip from The Poconos to Colonial Beach, VA. We started the day with an overflowing toilet and then some lost camper keys. Despite our best efforts to hit the road by 8:30am it was damn near 10am before we finally started rolling.
Our trip was full of lots of interesting scenery, including the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel and a seemingly never ending bridge over the Potomac River! Brandon handled towing the camper through both spots like a champ (though he admitted he was white knuckling the whole time!)
We arrived at our campground- Harbor View just before dinner time. We grabbed our welcome packet and headed over to site # 1 of 3.
This site was a nice shaded one, located under some trees along the woods. Although the scenery was lovely the site was not level. We tried into the darkness for over 2 hours to get the camper level to no avail. We ended up moving to the next site over which was empty, and calling it a night. 
The next morning, Brandon headed to the office to check in and ask if it was okay to stay put on this site. The staff informed us that it was a currently vacant annual site and that since they couldn’t reach the campers who have the site, we had to move to the other side of the campground to another vacant site. I was annoyed to have to pack things up yet again, but I will say 3rd time is the charm because site #3 is great (and right across from the bathrooms with biggest showers with lots of hot water!)
After all the commotion of our road day and playing musical campsites, we decided to lay low on Thursday and enjoy a slow day. We took walks, played at the playground and I even had a chance to carve out a little time for yoga and meditation, something that has been so hard to fit in living in such tight quarters. 

Friday was a day for groceries and errands in the pouring rain. I did manage to get in a walk around dusk, and I must say the setting and scenery here in rural Virginia is breathtaking. 

We planned to get up early Saturday morning and head to Colonial Beach, along the Potomac River. It was a quick 20 minute ride from the campground to this lovely “coastal” feeling river town. We stopped at a few different public beaches and enjoyed the entire morning along the banks of this beautiful river.


The immense feelings of peace that washed over me at this beautiful place are memories I will carry for the rest of my life. Watching my two kiddos happily collecting nature treasures, enjoying the sun on our faces…it’s exactly what I envisioned when we set out on this trip. I don’t need fancy, expensive things. It’s the simple moments that I long for the most. A return to mindfulness and taking the time to savor these special moments…that is what I so desperately needed on this trip. This year has shown me over and over again that everything I need is right here. These three humans and the life we have all created together, that is what matters to me most. 

Sunday we leave Harbor View to go visit Chesapeake Bay in Gloucester VA, and then we come back here for 4 more days and the end of next week. Which is good because I think I definitely need another barefoot walk along the Potomac!

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