Protect Your Vibe

Protect Your Vibe

Protecting my energy has become a front and center priority these last 7 months. Some days it feels like a warm hug, surrounding myself with high vibing people who truly see through to the heart of me, see all of me without feeling the need to change a thing- and without ever once feeling intimidated. And other days- it feels like a war zone, fighting off energy vampires in the form of social media, friends and even family members who would rather drag me into their low vibes than see me continue to flourish on my path.

One of my best friends shared words yesterday that have been tumbling around in my head ever since...”your growth is going to cost you people you love”’s not always an easy reality to digest, but it is necessary for growth.

It’s been my reality my entire life, always feeling like a black sheep. It was only when I learned to step into my power, own my truth and march to the beat of my own drummer that I was able to see that it is not me. Maybe it is not “them” either- whatever/whoever “them” represents in your life. Maybe it’s just a matter of the energy not matching up. Maybe we can both/all walk down our paths in separate directions without there needing to be negative vibes at play.

The last 7 months in almost complete isolation has not been easy...but it has also been beautiful. It has helped me to dig deeper inward, reassess my values and priorities and it has also helped me to learn who belongs at my small table. And not done so in a way that holds anger or animosity...but in a true acceptance that I will never vibe with everyone or even most someones. And if I find that my frequency is mirroring that of every person I come into contact with, chances are I’ve lost some part of my truth along the way.

As an empath this energy shift happens subconsciously most of the time- it’s only after a boundary has been violated that I realize what has occurred. And I’m learning discernment so that it doesn’t have to get to that that I can preserve my wellness with less interruption. So that I can pursue my path in this that I can continue to grow, learn and flourish where I am planted.



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