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I Can; I Will- Tuesday Talks with Mel

Last week, Lotus & Compass launched a weekly Facebook Live Podcast that we plan to make a weekly broadcast. Combining her master's level education as a social worker, with her love for community building and empowerment, Melaney (owner of Lotus & Compass) has decided to bring her best tips, suggestions and self help tools to Facebook Live each week.

Our first segment was all about managing anxiety- and our customers gave us plenty of feedback that the little nuggets of inspiration and support were extremely helpful for them as they manage their own mental well-being. 

This week's segment (which will take place Tuesday March 5th at 7pm EST) will focus on implementing a regular self care practice. Self care is often perceived as pedicures and bubble baths...but there is so much more to it than that! Join Melaney on our Facebook Business Page to watch the podcast and learn more about how to implement self care into your daily routine. 

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