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Lotus & Compass Blog

  • Wanderlust 2021: The Journey Home Sweet Home

    We had nothing more to give. All I could keep thinking and seeing in my mind’s eye was the look on my babies’ faces, when I had to tell them that we weren’t moving into our dream house after all. It was the most gut wrenching feeling of my entire motherhood journey thus far. Even now, typing it out, my stomach is in knots and my heart beats faster. This was what rock bottom felt like- this was the culmination of every single decision we had made since August. I had needed this for myself, I had taken my family out of their comfort zone, their fucking HOME, for this. And this is how it ends, right here on a thin camper mattress in the middle of what felt like a parking lot. 
  • Wanderlust 2021: Weeks 3 & 4

    The choice to stay was the right one, even if at first I felt a bit of shame for choosing safety instead of adventure. But it dawned on me…finding safety was the whole reason I left Chicopee. As much as I have tried to document this trip as a big adventure across the East coast, I was quietly reminded of what this trip actually was: a way to remove myself from a place that no longer felt safe and beneficial for me and my mental health. Years of bad memories, pain and trauma that I cannot outrun.
  • Wanderlust 2021: Week 2

    The immense feelings of peace that washed over me at this beautiful place are memories I will carry for the rest of my life. Watching my two kiddos happily collecting nature treasures, enjoying the sun on our faces…it’s exactly what I envisioned when we set out on this trip.
  • Wanderlust 2021: Week 1

    As usual after a long stint of very busy living (packing up a whole life and business in about 30 days is no small feat, as we learned), the first chance I got to rest was greeted with immense levels of anxiety. I have struggled with panic attacks since my early 20s and this summer my panic symptoms became a more frequent occurrence as I started my journey towards healing from childhood trauma. When I slip into this feeling of darkness, it is very challenging for me to shake it off. I decided to take a trip to run errands in an effort to work through the anxiety. Instead, I found myself wandering through the aisles in Stop & Shop, trying to hold my shit together until I could get out to the truck with my groceries.
  • Adventures Await: The Start of Wanderlust 2021

    As I drove through the ups and downs of the hills on our trek to go hiking, my mind was in a fierce battle. In the back seat the kids made poop jokes and were unusually boisterous but I barely heard them over the sound of my own brain, debating herself. A quiet whisper that sounded like a little girl…”but it’s what you always wanted…it’s not selfish to chase your dreams.” But what about the beautiful home we have now? How can I ask our kids to leave that? We have done so much work to make it what we want. Again, barely a whisper “Deep down, you know it’s not what you want. It’s a beautiful place, and yes you could be very happy there for many years to come. But on some level, you will know you stayed because you were scared to chase what you really want…” 
  • Center Fresh Farmers Market

    Come see us every other Thursday starting June 10th at the NEW Chicopee Center Fresh Farmers Market!

  • Simple Indulgences- Our Exclusive Monthly Subscription Box

    What is Simple Indulgences you ask?! It is our exclusive monthly subscription box, full of gifts just for YOU!
  • Self-Care for the Winter Months

    This year as we are about to embark on a long winter, while a global pandemic rages on around us, self-care is going to be especially important. Winter months are often a challenge for many people for a variety of reasons: cold weather, less daylight, stress around the holidays and feeling more socially isolated due to less frequent gatherings with friends. 
  • Curly Girls Have More Fun

    I have had a ton of customers and friends ask for curly hair tips, so today I decided to put all of my best tips and suggestions into one blog post, for all of the other curly headed folks out there who are trying to make their natural curls work for them!

  • Protect Your Vibe

    Protecting my energy has become a front and center priority these last 7 months. Some days it feels like a warm hug, surrounding myself with high vibing people who truly see through to the heart of me, see all of me without feeling the need to change a thing- and without ever once feeling intimidated. And other days...

  • World Mental Health Day- 5 Tips for Managing Chronic Anxiety and Depression

  • My Body is Perfect Thanks (Part 2)